My emotional final weekend in Switzerland 

Only 5 sleeps to go before I (try to) fly to Cancun (I haven’t figured out yet whether the lack of an onward / return flight ticket from Mexico is indeed a deal breaker) and after a great weekend surrounded with wonderful friends I had to say goodbye to, I have felt a bit soppy today. It was expected – unless you are a robot, then you obviously cannot understand… After all, saying goodbye is never easy, right? After such a fantastic send-off party last night, it is even harder. Let’s face it, it won’t get any easier! I still have to say bye to my monkeys and my best friends… Argggggh, I am definitely not looking forward to this! Don’t get me wrong: I have been waiting for this once (or twice) of a lifetime journey for years! Literally! M and I have talked about it since 2012 when we first met and I totally can’t wait! But on the other hand, I can’t get my head around the fact that I have to leave those beautiful people behind. Oh Wanderlust, why are you doing this to me? *sigh*

To be fair, if I could, I would smuggle (note for the authorities: no funny business here, no proper smuggling intended #justsaying) them all in my backpack (we surely could apply for family discounts, right?). However, given my (not quite tall) height, I really don’t think I should exceed the ambitious maximum weight of 12 kg. My dad always says that “you carry what you pack” and he could not have been more right! It makes no sense to try to avoid this sadness versus excitement inner fight. It will anyway last until I have a set a foot on the Mexican territory and been welcomed by M’s beaming face! So instead, I will spend my last week in Switzerland, allowing myself to cry if needed, keeping myself busy with work (We wouldn’t want to overdo it with crying, would we?!), packing and obviously saying goodbye some more.

I could not have asked for a better last weekend in Switzerland, even though, it was an emotional one. The memories of this final weekend in Luzern will be the perfect traveling companion. My heart was filled with gratitude and happiness as I was reminded again why I love my friends and Switzerland so much. With such a fantastic spring weather, reading, laying in the snow at Alpen Tower was a bliss and our lazy Sunday was dedicated to a last stroll in Luzern (and first for my lovely friends from the UK who specially came over for my send-off party. Bless them!). Y0u gotta love Luzern’s lively promenade and its beautiful old town. While my weekend was packed with laughter and fun times, I am also very proud to report that my today packing “drill” was a success. Boom!

Now I am ready (kind of) and fidgety… Ready to ramble. Ready to play Dora, the explorer. Ready to live out of a backpack, to wear flip flops to shower, to sleep in cheap dormitories with complete strangers. Ready for A&M 6-month adventure. Lift off in 4 days, 12  hours and 40 minutes and counting! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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