Lucky me, I live in the most beautiful town in the world: Luzern!

When I wake up with a gorgeous weather like today, blue sky, cloud free, warmth and sun, there is nowhere else I would rather be in the world!


Luzern with nice weather is a blessing!

You can stroll on the promenade along the lake…


Or let your mind wander for hours sitting on a bench, reading your newspaper…


Or even feed our numerous swans…


Of course if you are only here for a few days, you should make the most of it.

So! what’s not to be missed in our beautiful town?!

1) Lion monument & the glacier garden
From the main station, you can jump onto bus 1, 22, 23 and stop at Löwenplatz.

2) City walls
Get a map at the tourism office (main station). Nice stroll trough Luzern old town to reach them. Make sure to look around, many buildings still bear old paintings. Impressive!

3) Splendid Mount Pilatus
My favorite way to discover it with my lovely guests: the golden roundtrip.

get bus number 1 direction Kriens.
Walk to the cable car (if you have no time pressure, walk up, it is worth it.)

Once in Fraggmüntegg take a second cabin that will bring you to the top.

There you can walk around, look at the breathtaking panorama and have a nice refreshing beer…

To go down use the steepest train that goes to Alpnachstadt. It is a nice ride and you can brag around for taking the steepest train in Europe!

In Alpnachstadt you can jump on a boat that will bring you back to Luzern.

4) Chapel bridge
Romantic and too touristy but worth a look. Very old wooden bridge that has to be redone after a fire in 1993…

5) A cheese fondue on the Wilhelm Tell Schiff Restaurant
I don’t care if this sounds touristy. Unless you have a great Swiss boyfriend who knows a tiny cheese factory that makes its own cheese fondue, this place is your best bet in town to have a delicious fondue and to be on a boat makes it even ‘cheesier’ haha

6) A schoggi brötli from Bachmann (pink bakeries – easy to find)
To die for!!!

Yep I love Luzern and it offers great activities, really happy to be a Luzerner, even an adoptive one!

Lucky me, today I am not working and I can enjoy each minute of this summer, soaking myself in vitamin D & warmth.

Happy trails & remember: Carpe Diem!


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