When your next adventure is around the corner…

… you keep calm and pack! At least that’s what normal people do, I heard. For me it will be a last minute packing with a “oh no I forgot this or that” situation at a later stage. What can I say? I dislike packing as much as I dislike unpacking.

315 days since we said “hell yeah”. 315 days since I stole his last name. (More than) 315 days since we had a proper backpacking adventure and the time has finally come to take our backpacks out. While planning our wedding, it quickly became clear to us that our honeymoon:

  1. Was as important as our wedding itself
  2. Had to be an off-beaten track adventure, sorry Seychelles or Hawaii
  3. Couldn’t fit in a 2-week program as our backpacks were longing for more (how could we say no to our backpacks?)

We started looking for our destination fairly soon after our engagement because as I said in a previous article, this is not an easy task to find a common country. We simply needed to find a country that neither one of us had visited, that would have a lovely weather at the time of our visit and that was safe enough so we wouldn’t spend a few weeks only worrying. An exciting (tho a friend qualified it as crazy…) idea ran through our minds: what if we were to explore Korea, we thought. We were really tempted to visit North and South but the hassle of entering North Korea was greater than our wish to explore it this time. Planning originally to have a September honeymoon, the end of the summer seemed absolutely perfect for a Korean adventure. One splendid idea added to the crazy one made us add Japan to our honeymoon itinerary;

Life being cheeky, we had to postpone our honeymoon for a while so end of summer became spring and the time has finally come. Watch that space for our Koreo-japanese adventures!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe diem!





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