Warsaw, the perfect city for a 72-hour exploration

When your next adventure is not quite around the corner yet and you are forced to wait another 193 days to happily skip to the airport to embark on your next backpacking adventure, what do you do? 1) you nicely wait and patiently count the days down. Yes but no or 2) you treat yourself to a short trip. Now we are talking. The month of June feeling generous, we were granted an extra day off and an extended weekend so we couldn’t NOT take the opportunity to plan a 3-day getaway. Since living in Switzerland allows us to reach many European cities within 3 hours, Europe is our logical and beloved playground for our extended weekend explorations. A cheap(ish) flight, an affordable place found on Airbnb and my positive impression on Poland while visiting Krakow last October logically made us consider Warsaw. M wanted to add one more country to his already-long list (no competition) and I was keen to discover another polish city. Warsaw it was!

About Warsaw, Poland:

  • Warsaw is the capital of Poland since King Sigismund III decided to move from Krakow after a fire in the Wawel castle
  • It is standing on the Vistula River, the longest and largest river in Poland
  • In 9 November 1939, the city was awarded Poland’s highest military decoration for heroism
  • Its Old Town is protected by UNESCO

Warsaw’s random and funny facts:

  • Warsaw Old Town is interestingly quite new – the whole city was heavily destroyed during Wolrd war II and has been rebuilt ever since the war ended combining modern, old and communist architectures
  • The Palace of Culture and Science, a gift of the Soviet dictator Stalin, is the tallest building in Poland
  • The world’s narrowest 2-storey house, situated in the centre of Warsaw, was built to dodge taxes – clever!
  • Warsaw’s Lazienki Park is one of the largest palace and park ensembles in Europe
  • With 826 meters, the Siekierkowski Bridge in Warsaw is Poland’s longest bridge

If you have 72 hours in Warsaw, have fun:

  • Going on a free walking tour through the old Town, learning how Warsaw raised from its tragic story to become a thriving city
  • (fun is not the word but as important as having fun on a trip is) educating yourself about what happened to the city’s inhabitants in World War II
  • Discovering some dark secrets and conspiracies with Free Walking Tour guide – Mr. B., our guide, was absolutely brilliant
  • Strolling through the many parks the city has to offer
  • Riding the elevator up thethe PKIN (Palace of culture and science) to reach the viewing platform on the 30th floor
  • Taking a walk through the Botanic Garden
  • Checking the Chopin Museum
  • Jumping on a tram, going nowhere and everywhere
  • Treating yourself to a beer or two in the Old Town
  • Going on a shopping spree (because why not…)

From the Warsaw Chopin airport, we easily reached  the City center by public transportation. Purchasing a 3-day ticket allowed us to ride the train from and to the airport, the city subway, tram and buses network and cover quite a distance over the 59 hours of our Warsawian exploration. We really enjoyed our time in Warsaw! If you are considering a getaway for a weekend, don’t miss Warsaw!
Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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