TBT # Zadar: where our hearts got stolen 

Planing our trip to Africa has woken up a wanderlust that, I thought, had retired. But come on, whom am I kidding? Once you got the bug, it never goes away. I. Should. Know. Better! But I won’t complaint (for once): this wanderlust had brought me to wonderful places around the world and today, on my traditional ThrowBackThursday, my daydreaming sent me back to Zadar.

While roadtripping through Croatia last October with my Alaskan sweetheart, we unexpectedly found warmth in Zadar. For the first time in days, we were able to wander around wearing fliflops and tank top; hat and extra layers were politely (read: thrown with enthusiasm on the floor) left in our cute and centrally located studio that was conveniently waiting for us. Our landlords, a delightful couple, gave us great tips to have a fantastic Zadarian time. We grabbed cameras and sunglasses ready to discover, what we discovered was, a cute town!

About Zadar:

  • Located on the Croatia’s Dalmatian coast
  • It is the country’s fifth largest city
  • It is known for the Roman and Venetian ruins
  • It has around 15 churches – it almost feels like the Zadarians spent centuries to build churches. What else?

Fun facts about Zadar:

  • The main street in Zadar is named Široka ulica (široka = ‘wide’) and it is believed it’s as old as the city itself
  • According to Alfred Hitchcock, “nowhere in the world can a person witness a more beautiful sunset than in Zadar”
  • The sphynx of Zadar is said to grant love wishes

If you only have 24 hours in Zadar, have fun:

  • Having a rendez-vous with a wonderful sunset
  • Chilling on the promenade next to the greetings to the sun
  • Listening to an enchanted sea organ concert at the pier
  • Jumping into the sea or if you aren’t that brave, simply soaking your feet in the refreshing sea. Bliss 
  • Tasting so delicious seafood (pssst, they have some great black risotto)
  • Sitting at the Roman forum and sipping a gin tonic in the sun

We absolutely loved Zadar and it was hard to leave this seaside paradise. If you are in Croatia, don’t miss this gem!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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