An Eastern European aventure? Yes, please! 

I met Heidi, my Alaskan sweetheart, years and years ago… we became friends, we became sisters from another mister and we became traveling partners in crime. Our long-distance friendship was made stronger over the years by our love of sacarsm, outdoor, traveling and our aversion of hugs. Ever since we met, we have tried to meet up somewhere in the world. I had meant to go back to Alaska but with the adventure I just finished, I knew it wouldn’t have been realistic to even dream about it. So we decided to have our get together somewhere else. Anywhere… Asia? Too far. Latin America? Just done that. Europe? Quite close, still a lot of unknown countries in the East, bring it on! With only two weeks for our Eastern European exploration, we had lots (lots) of fantastic ideas but realistically, we knew that we needed to mostly focus on one country: Croatia.

However, since Heidi had taken 3 planes and flown 7’600 kilometers to meet me on my “turf”, we had to make the most of it. We therefore decided to combine city visits and a road trip. We would discover 2 or 3 cities in 2 or three different countries and hire a car to discover Croatia. It was unclear whether we would fly back home or take a ferry to Italy before jumping on a bus or two to go home. After a nice break home, catching up with friends, rushing from one job to interview to another, I’m ready for my final adventure and looking forward to seeing my Alaskan seeetheart again. Next and first stop: Kraków!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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