Romance on the road 

After traveling 4 months today with M (happy monthversary to me and as I say every month: a small step for the backpacking community and a big one for me), I can tell you this: romance on the road does have its perks. You spend a lot (lot) of time with your better half, your bond is getting stronger, virtually unbreakable and you know rather quickly whether you are made for each other. While traveling  with your best friend and lover is indeed amazing, this is not always easy. It can create awkward but (so) funny anecdotes! Here are my favorite so far:

  1. Your date night sounds like: ‘hey babe, let’s eat out. I invite you. Oh wait I’m on a tight budget. Well I invite you to join me and we can split the bill’ – my absolute favorite!
  2. Following comment should be accepted as compliments ‘come on babe, you look nice even when you look shit’ – so glad that romanticism is not dead
  3. ‘Dorm or double room?’ You both shout at once ‘Dorms!’ without consulting each other. The awkward moment when you realize that you are not feeling guilty anymore to openly prefer a single bed.

With two cultures, three languages, long days, stressful situations, M and I do fight  once in a while but luckily those above anecdotes are what make our daily challenges bearable. We usually end up laughing at such awkward situations and there is nothing stronger than a laughing traveler. A traveler can handle anything as long as he / she remembers that he / she a happy and laughing soul is the answer! Luckily I am surrounded by amazing people who don’t let me forget it!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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