Colorful Colombia: Desierto de la Tatacoa

After an 8-hour bus journey and an overnight in Neiva, we easily found a jeep that took us to the desert of Tatacoa. What a delight to be again surrounded by heat and sun! Priceless! Our time in Salento might have been great but we were happy to leave the cooler weather behind. We reached a hamlet, 30 minutes away from Villavieja, where we found the hostel recommended by our friends. We liked it as soon as we arrived as the staff was being very friendly. We dropped our bags and decided to go for a 2-hour hike in the Red desert. We couldn’t wait to discover the canyons we have had seen on Google and we picked the Cuzco trail to start with. The start was located 200 meter from our accommodation and according to a local, the trail was easy to follow. Say whaaaat?

We struggled to find our way and without M’s sense of orientation,that was highly challenged, we would have been lost longer than an hour. Luckily we found our way out of the Cuzco Labyrinth and happily reached the Mirador. The walk itself was easy and surprisingly pleasant in this arid desert; the colors were amazing: red, yellow from the minerals, grew and pink from the cactus and blue from the cloudless sky… A real treat to take pictures! Clouds started to gather over the desert and I was afraid to be caught in a storm so I wanted to hurry up but M assured me that rain in the desert was not very likely. Fair enough! No need to worry then!

We planned a hike in the grey desert and a visit to the Oyos and the Ventana for the next day and we were pretty excited! Our evening was really quiet (you gotta love being in the desert without electricity) that called for an early night. The (near) full moon made spotting shooting stars really challenging and pointless. We were very much looking forward to sleeping in our hammocks as it was really warm. We certainly didn’t expect to have neighbors who would… how to put it a PG-13 way (?!)… be loudly busy for hours. This was surely entertaining but when even earplugs couldn’t help us, we hoped for a… erm…  premature ‘resolution’ to end our misery!

After finally falling asleep, we woke up to the sound of… rain. Yes, against all odds, rain had decided to follow us and it rained in the desert. Apparently it was not that uncommon and locals happily welcomed those deluges. Wonderful timing… Not! It didn’t seem that the rain would stop anytime soon so we decided to leave our warm and (not so) sunny place to travel to our next destination, located in the mountains. Cold, here we come! Next stop: San Agustin.

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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