Tuesday yumminess!

Sitting happily in Copán, Honduras, where we have met fantastic people, I can finally post, as promised, a Tuesday yumminess from Central America. Tadaaaaaaa! This week, I’m taking you to… Guatemala! 

While in Antigua, we got to try the (almost) Guatemalan national dish: a dish called pepián. This is a stew (or recados) that is one of the oldest dishes in the Guatemalan food heritage. It apparently came from the culinary fusion of the Spanish and Mayan cultures. Sold on the streets (you gotta love street food), it was very cheap and tasty! In Antigua, it seems that pepián is only sold on Sundays at Parque Central. M’s host mom told us that it was freshly made for the occasion. Good news since street food (as much as I love street food) can unfortunately be pretty dodgy! Fresh, traditional, tasty, cheap… What not to love about this pepian?!

If you want to prepare your very own pepian to impress your friends at home, I found a great post from Karla. Thanks foodologie!  

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

Culinary discovery

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