Latin America trip: lift off in 4 hours! 

Taking off in 4 hours and I am unnecessarily wide awake (read: super strrrrressed). Wait… Awake would actually mean that I have got some nice sleep. So wrong! My plan, last night, was to go home early. A few drinks with my colleagues to say bye and an early night. This was the plan… I should have known better. My early night turned into some kind of very entertaining shenanigans (note to self: play beer pong with whiskey is a bad good idea). I drank too much and I didn’t manage to get much sleep (drunk and excitement, not such a good combination ha!). So I am a ‘soon to be a cranky’ and hungover traveler. My favorite! Luckily I have two flights to nurse my hangover. Alleluia! 

Phew! I barely made it to the bus as my bag was not quite packed at 8:15 and the bus departed at 8:19. One panic attack and a rush later, I have made it to the train to the airport. Now I can sit and relax… Nah just kidding, I have now to repack my backpack properly as my packing was kinda (understatement of the century) rushed and ineffective (what should have fitted in 3/4 of a backpack took 1 1/2 backpack. Go figure). But to be fair, this is not really a worry as the most ‘wanted’ is traveling with me anyway. Passport, credit cards, cash, beloved camera and traveling enthusiasm were not forgotten and they secured a nice spot in my day pack. The rest is superficial anyway (yes Audrey, who needs undies?! Says no one ever!). Alright (re)packing time! 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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