My traveling alphabet or how to play the ABC game on a backpacking trip…

With the imminent lift-off and the scary but exhilarating realization that our adventure is happening for real (ahhhhhhhhh *holy moly sound*), my wanderlust has become really impatient and loud. This is quite annoying as I still need to focus on work for one more day so I almost want to tell her to f** off. Leave me alone, wanderlust! Instead, I have checked my countdown ten thousand times and I can tell you that this is not making the time go by faster (no shit Sherlock). My feet are fidgety (so fidgety I have considered applying for a job in at Riverdance. Why not?) and I can barely wait for Friday (understatement? Check!). Realization does however not mean that I can believe that only two sleeps are left until I finally hit the road. I’m having a hard time to believe that I only have 1 day, 13 hour and 01 minute before the start of this incredible 6-month adventure. But one thing is sure: I am so excited and I just can’t hide it, I’m about to lose control and I think I like it (The Pointer Sisters would understand how I feel). 

Excitement has now invaded every cell of my body and I cannot wait to be able to do what I love : travel, take pictures (tomorrow I can pick up my new lense! Whoop whoop) and write about traveling. My traveling stories are as important as the pictures I take along the way, as important as the memories I’m making and as important as the people I’m meeting. This is probably the closest I can get to happiness, well at least my definition of happiness. After all, what is the happiest moment for a story teller? When he / she has a story to tell. And what is the happiest moment for a traveler? When he / she gets to be in the road! Bliss! Lucky me, I get to do both soon, very soon. I have somehow decided to tell my Central American stories following the alphabet. Because why not…

My wanderlust and sense of adventure are more than ready to hit the road and I cannot wait to share my traveling so watch that space!

Quick update on packing: it still hasn’t happened. What. A. Surprise. For my defense I got to go to a Macklemore and R. Lewis’ concert, have a delicious dinner with my future ex boss and have a farewell evening with my three monkeys and besties. 

Packing 0 – fun times 3

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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