Tuesday yumminess!

9 days, 17 hours and 24 minutes left until I am leaving on a jetplane (yeaaaaaaaah *Carltons move*) and I just discovered (ahhhhhhh! *screaming at the top of my lungs*) that my carefully picked and wonderful (sub)tenant would not be moving in. Arggggggh. Say whaaaaat? Breathe in, breathe out, repeat.

First reaction? I’m f**ed! (Or I might have said I’m f**ing f**ed). Without a (sub)tenant, I will run out of money before I am done with my 6-month journey. F** f** f**. 

Second reaction? Why on earth is this happening to me?! (Or most probably “why is this f**ing happening to me?). Stress overpowered me, leaving me numb for a few days. I was somehow unable to process this tsunami. I indulged myself with some self-pity until the third reaction kicked in. What? Better now than when I’m on the road, right?!

Third reaction? I solve problems for a living for f** sake, [well at least until March 24th. Thereafter I’ll be (lowering my voice)unemployed] and I’m pretty good at it if I can say so myself. Finding a tenant was indeed not part of the one million things still to do before departure but come on I have dealt with worse. Yes, I am kinda running out of time and I have now one million and one things to take care of. And yes, I could have done without this last minute challenge but who seriously doesn’t like a good challenge?! 

Now I’m done worrying. It is time to take actions and find a (sub)tenant or at least an alternative. During my phase of worrying, my healthy eating has been wiped out and I’ve been feeding on food that doesn’t agree with my body. I know it is pretty stupid but I did it anyway because stress was stronger than any rational thinking. This is now over. Action requires clear thinking. So until I leave, I’ll make sure to cook as healthy as I can. 

Of course, with the time invested in finding a new tenant, this will not be easy and this is why I am even more grateful for easy and delicious recipes. This stuffed avocado is divine. Thanks to Trina from #Paleonewbie! If you have some chicken, avocados, bacon, homemade mayo and green onions, enjoy a lovely meal!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

Culinary discovery

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