Every day, a new “last”…

… I guess this is the price to pay for following my heart and being on a tight schedule to get ready for this exciting project. Still a million things to do! How come every time I tick one off, another one mysteriously appears?!

March has started ‘sur les chapeaux de roues‘ and it seems that this month is going to be dedicated to “lasts”. Yes, I have known all along that March would come down to this, but my brain had somehow refused to process this information. What can I say? I only focused on the trip itself. Now there is (luckily) no turning back and March 25th will be here before I even know it… And I am sure I won’t be ready. Hey! Don’t judge me… I said I would try to list all the things I needed to do (how sensible and responsible!), but I never said I would do them in timely manner! (I recently learnt the meaning of being pedantic, how apropos). Nah… Instead, I’m pretty sure the week after next will be mental and I’ll hear a lot of ‘but why didn’t you take care of this earlier?’. Don’t you love those comments… But before someone says it, I need to have a few more of those ‘lasts’. 

To be fair, most of them are only ‘last until next time’, but I still feel emotional (read: very emotional, borderline irrational). I guess the FOMO is kicking in, so to counter its effect, I’m having my last catch ups over lunch, last gossip sessions, last dinners and I even found time to fit in a last snowshoe hiking weekend. We jumped in our sweet ride (generously loaned by a lovely friend!) and headed to Valais. We literally chased the sun all the way from grey Luzern and found it in abundance in Ernen where we decided to hike the Chäserstatt trail

Quick facts:

  • Difficulty level: red
  • Distance: 4.4 km
  • Walking time: 3 hours
  • Happy snowshoers: 2 (group could have been easily bigger)
  • Bonus point: amazing scenery

While socially, my ‘lasts’ seem pretty fun and easy, work is definitely harder. I’m realizing that this is really the last lunch at our favorite Chinese, the last logistics meeting I’ll attend, the last pilates class with my favorite teacher, the last dinner with business partners… It seems so surreal to say goodbye after 7.5 years. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited to go on this amazing journey with M, but it’s just hard to accept that I actually resigned from a job I really enjoy. That said, it’s 12 days, 13 hours and 42 minutes until A&M hit the road and I’m getting pretty fidgety! 

But first and foremost, another snowshoe hike in Valais tomorrow (we’ll hike the Natura trail and I cant wait), and then a few (understatement of the week) more chores to tick off! 

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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