Tuesday yumminess!

This week’s weather is definitely calling for a treat… Don’t get me wrong, I can handle rain (influence from my English friends?). I can handle snow (influence from my Swiss friends?) but sleet? Really Winter? It is not acceptable, nor enjoyable, nor needed. Get a grip Winter and do what you are best at: let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! (Ok I might have ‘borrowed’ this line to Dean Martin). 

While we hope Winter will recover his senses and work his magic soon, tucking Luzern in a beautiful white coat, let’s make some fabulicious treats. This week, let me share with you how you can easily make a creamy almond butter. 

You need some almonds (duh!) which you should roast for 10 minutes before you transfer them to your food processor. This will require time and patience. Pa-what? I got this recipe through two good friends and the first time I forgot that it could take up to 30 minutes! After 5 minutes of ‘processing’, I wasn’t impressed and gave up. I ‘hid’ my (not really looking like butter nor cream) butter in the fridge and mourned my failed attempt. #failed! 

The next day, mourning was over and it hit me (well through a message from a friend I had written ‘heeeeelp’ the night before): I hadn’t given enough time to my almonds to turn into a butter. I decided to re-process them and tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I had finally made the so famous (my friends bragged about) almond butter! 

If you have 40 minutes to spear for baking and 250 grams of almonds in your cupboard (it works with other nuts), give it a try! Enjoy!

Happy trails and remenber: Carpe Diem!

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