Australian adventures, volume # 4: New South Wales

Our agenda for our time in South Australia (volume # 1) and Tasmania (volume # 3) was crystal clear: hiking, camping, roadtrip, repeat. We were hungry to discover and to cover as many kilometers as we could. The least we can say is that we were successful as we were challenged and left with a wonderful sense of achievement. 

After hiking hours in the scorching sun and driving over 1700 km, our bunch of happy travelers were grateful that volume # 4 was all about relaxing to nicely bring in the new year. Since our time in Australia was quite limited, we had decided not to stay in Tasmania (*sigh* this wasn’t an easy decision!) for New Year’s Eve and we instead agreed upon discovering another state. 

At first, we seriously considered Sydney (in New South Wales) and its wonderful NYE fireworks (who wouldn’t want to be part of this worldwide extravaganza?!) but as a group of backpackers we had to accept that it was unaffordable and ridiculously stressful to organize. So we kept on looking for our perfect spot… And we found it! 

Thanks to the inputs from our lovely Aussies, we realized that New South Wales was full of other beautiful places and after many discussions, we booked an apartment in Byron Bay. Many travelers shared their positive feedback with us, praising the chill vibe in Byron bay and we couldn’t wait to take it easy for a few days. 

Byron Bay really gave us a feeling of holidays with its nonchalant atmosphere,  its streets full of easygoing and laid back travelers. The so famous Australian ‘no worries mate’ took on all its meaning over there. It was nice to be able to sleep in, lay by the pool with a book, enjoy a fresh made smoothie and somehow slow down… (Wonder if it is wrong to yawn at a list I made myself?!)

Let’s be real, doing nothing bored the sh** out of us and we wouldn’t have survived Byron without undertaking a few activities. Sorry Byron, it is not you, it us! Luckily, we were able to squeeze in a few activities: 

  • Some skydiving. This time I was our crew’s official photographer and it was great to witness their happiness while they were flying and landing. Priceless! 
  • A visit to the lighthouse (a great spot to see the sunset!)
  • Walks on the beach – very lively!
  • A shopping stroll  

If you need a place to relax (your version of relaxing or ours haha) and hang out for a few days, then we would highly recommend this charming little coastal town. 

Next stop: Queensland. 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!





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