Australian adventures, volume # 3: Tasmania

Guys, I did it! I repeat: I. DID. IT! I am delighted to share this fantastic news: I found another hiking paradise. Those who know me kinda know that that I am demanding when it comes to trails. It is not really my fault though: Switzerland has (un)fortunately spoiled me over the years! Damn you, Switzerland and your natural beauty. I like my trails challenging, with breathtaking views. Well I can tell you that Tasmania has so many hiking trails that tick those boxes, it is almost ridiculous! I would have needed months/ years to hike all their amazing trails and reach their rewarding summits! *sigh* For the first time in years, I wondered if I really had to go home…

Who would have thought I would feel this way as our Tasmanian adventures started on a rainy (pouring), cold (freezing) and windy (almost thought that a cyclone was hitting Hobart) day?! We had landed in Hobart with our hearts full of expectations for our hiking and camping week in Tasmania and it felt like our hopes and dreams were being heavily rained on. Since our enthusiasm took a hit (incredible what bad weather can do to you!), we found shelter in a café to figure what to do on this rainy day in this supposedly (difficult to see anything when surrounded by rain curtains) cute coastal city.

We quickly realized that we were well prepared for rain (thank God for backpack covers and waterproof bags to store some fragile items. It definitively is handy!) so walking around wasn’t half bad as we first thought. This rainy day was actually perfect to enjoy some seafood at the port, sort out our groceries for the camping week and chill some more at a cozy café (Dome). Our enthusiasm was back and we were ready for our Tasmanian expedition. For any traveler who would have a few days on this beautiful island, here are my highlights:

  • Great Lake:located in the central northern region. It is the state’s second largest freshwater lake. Nice spot to stop along the way. Peaceful and quiet
  • Liffey falls: nice trails around the falls. Unspoiled. Racing back to the car park is a good way to get your cardio exercise for the day as the path can be quite steep. The 3-hour one was unfortunately closed but was very appealing. Next time!
  • Cradle mountain with its summit at 1545 meters / Trail we hiked: Dove car park to dove lake up to Marion’s look out (the steep way) to the summit. Down via face trail back to the dove car park / 17 km in 6 hours. Incredibly satisfying when your hike turns into a climbing challenge. Nothing better than to wonder where to put your foot next. Literally…
  • Freycinet national park / Hike to Mt. Amos. Signs show 3 to 5 hours, pretty happy that we made it in in 2 1/2 hours. Enjoyed a nice lunch up there. Great half day activity! Breathtaking views of Wine Glass and Promise bays

    During our road trip, we were blessed to be welcomed warmly by locals. Our homestays were made unforgettable by those generous and very friendly Tasmanians. I am very grateful to have been able to spot so many wild animals: echidnas, tamir wallabies, possums and wombats. Unfortunately the only Devils (poor things!) we saw belonged to the numerous road kills we saw on our road trip.

    It was hard to leave what I found to be my paradise on earth but excited for our next chapter. Next stop: New South Wales!

    Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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