Australian adventures, volume # 1: South Australia

Really good one, jet lag, this time you won. You gave me hell of a hard time and I am not thanking you. Definitely not used to lie wide awake in bed for hours but it seems that I had no other choice for my first night in Straya!

Oh well, after a restless night, I “woke up” super excited to go wine tasting with our fun group. Those people are one of the reasons my wanderlust cannot be tamed. On the road you get to meet such amazing open minded and caring people, this is priceless. Some of us met three years in Bolivia and decided to meet up again two years ago in South East Asia where we made some other friends and this extended happy bunch decided to meet up again this year.

Every reunion is special with those guys and I am really grateful for these moments we get to have together. Touring the Barossa valley with them, tasting wine at Pinadarie, Chateau Tonunda and Jacobs creek, was a wonderful idea. We discovered many great red, white and sparkling wines! And believe it or not, everything remained civilized!

The next day, 6 of us headed to Clare valley (road triiiiiip!) to spend a day on our friend’s parents’ sheep farm. We had such an interesting day, learning about sheep farming, driving a tractor (check!) and checking their property on the back of a truck (rough! Greatest feeling ever!). Our lovely host patiently answered many questions and helped us to comprehend a bit more this industry.
We couldn’t come to South Australia and not check Flinders Range National Park. So after a discovery day on athe sheep farm, our happy bunch drove to Wilpena Pound. Our plan was to hike to St Mary peak and camp at Wilpena Pound. We quickly realized that we had to reconsider our intentions. The Rangers indeed confirmed that some trails were closed due to high risk of bush fires. It was fairly disappointing but:

1) We got to hike some nice (not as challenging) trails and spotted many kangaroos, spiders (way too big to my liking) and an echidna. Close, very close encounters. Bonus!

2) We decided to jump on a small plane to see the park from the sky. Worth every single penny. Interesting and breathtaking! Highly recommend a scenic tour!

3) We drove through fantastic gorges where we totally felt like adventurers. We got to take walks in remote areas, being careful not to step on any snake (I am somehow very obsessed with a potential encounter!). We felt so free!

Today, Christmas’ eve, we were able to relax on a beach (Moseley square) in Adelaide before celebrating Christmas with our fantastic extended bunch. Many thanks to our friend’s mum for welcoming us, treating us like family and preparing a delicious feast for us. Another Christmas away from home that will remain one of the memories I’m very fond of!

Next stop: Victoria state.

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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