Why choosing South Australia was a bad idea…

Two more sleeps and counting! Well almost counting…

Even though I am supposed to be packing (sounds familiar…), I’m surfing the net. What can I say? I am a pathological late packer and any attempt to pack earlier ain’t happening. So instead of packing, I re-read my Australian friends’ messages, did some research on Australia and tonight I realized that I shouldn’t have picked this destination. What was I thinking?! 

Here is why I (we) should not go there and why I highly recommend you not to consider this country: 

1) People over there seems way too nice. Not sure I can cope with genuine friendliness. Luckily I’ll be also traveling with a French and an American, two nationalities known to be rude! Thank f***! (You gotta love stereotypes – too bad we don’t have any German. This would have been the icing on the cake).  

2) They have the scariest animal on Earth:  the vicious drop bear. It might be tiring to walk around looking up to make sure none can attack you! Hopefully I won’t get a wry neck! Not looking forward to checking constantly over my shoulder to remain safe and alive. Surely nerve wracking! Any tip to survive an attack?

3) It is high summer right now. It is hot (41•C today in Adelaide) and sunny. Outrageously hot and sunny. Who doesn’t prefer fog, grey sky and temperatures flirting with 0•C?! Gosh life is tough!

4) Their red wines are only good for cooking. It is most probably due to the fact that they don’t have corks but only screw caps. I shouldn’t worry tho; I will surely be able to bring some bottles of French wines along. A whole new level to BYOB! Bring it on! 

5) They try to force feed you a black substance called vegemite. It would probably not be approved by the FDA but over there it’s somehow sold over the counter. Crazy stuff! Hopefully they won’t brainwash me! May the power be with me! 

Like Ace Ventura would say: there is no turning back baby so I’ll have to suck it up and make the most of my time in Straya! Three weeks of nice and welcoming people, great weather and delicious wines will go by fast and it could be worse… I could be stranded home instead of being on the road, backpacking! Now THAT would be a disaster. 

Alright joking aside I am vey much excited to discover down under and catching up with dear friends and I am grateful that my wanderlust is taking me to this mysterious place across the world. Not long now! 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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