Tuesday yumminess! 

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Since Australia is about to happen (haaaaaaaaaa only 3 more sleeps!!), I have decided to dedicate my Tuesday yumminess to an Australian foodie: Irena Macri. I was lucky enough to come across Carol, an Australian blogger while looking for a dessert recipe. 

Carol’s post features Irena’s chocolate soufflés and those soufflés are simply fabulicious. At first I was hesitant though: soufflés somehow sound pretentious and therefore reserved to seasoned bakers (I believed). 

Well I was wrong. Thanks to Irena’s recipe, I was able to impress my friends and I know now that soufflés can be (kinda) easily baked and taste divine. It was a great success especially since none of my friends realized that: 

1) It was a paleo recipe
2) I used sweet potatoes 
3) There was no refined sugar

Thanks so much #irenamacri and Carol from #readingwritingandriesling for a remarkable food moment! 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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