Not even a week to go…

… And  with only 5 sleeps to go until I set a foot on the australian soil for the very first time, I cannot help but think about a renowned philosophic band who sang ‘it is the final countdown’ (here for the video). They were with me to climb Mt. Kinabalu, went on a roadtrip in Dweden (a combination of Sweden and Denmark) and I think it is appropriate to include them in this exciting adventure.

Only 118 hours left and our Australian ‘affaire’ is getting closer, surreally closer. My traveling mode has been switched on but unfortunately, not the packing one (well not yet. Maybe tomorrow?! Or the day after!). That would have been too good to be true, right?

My sister’s backpack is officially packed and she is ready to go (say whaaaaaat?!). Imagine my disappointment *sob* to discover she isn’t a late packer but a very organized traveler *heavy sob*. I had big hopes for her and she let me down *sob*. Who seriously packs a week in advance though?!

For my defense, yes, I haven’t started to pack but:

1) We cannot say that this is a surprise and hey I’m better under pressure… Apparently. Not really. Wait… Better doesn’t mean failure free, right?

2) I have been thinking a lot about starting packing (this must count for something, right?!) plus I have come to realize once again that I have pleeeeeeeenty of time! (Easy!). Don’t quote me on Friday morning if my backpack ain’t quite ready!

3) I have been creating a few mental ‘don’t forget’ lists – it makes me feel more prepared than I actually am. Task for tomorrow: write a packing list!

4) I have acknowledged my friend’s packing cheat sheet and it almost feels like I have been packing. Wishful thinking might work one day. Who knows?!

5) I have already started wondering where my misplaced stuff could be (check me out!). Interesting really where I am able to store my traveling valuables and belongings! Flip flops, head torch or my passport were nowhere to be found where they should be found.

In any case, wish me luck! I’m about to embark on a journey to find all the items needed for my Australian adventure!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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