15 days, 16 hours, 08 minutes and 51 seconds until Down Under…

Wait… Have I already mentioned that I am excited to fly to Australia? Yes? No? Maybe?

Well let me tell you this: when you get an email like the one I got today, you know real, things are getting and even more fidgety, you become*. 

* You obviously need to read this with Yoda’s voice.  

Our sweetheart in Adelaide somehow thought we would start packing soon and sent us a very helpful cheat sheet. BLESS HIM for having so much faith in us. I am afraid I have to disappoint him though… It’s most likely NOT to happen before December 17th, rushing around like maniacs, screaming “oh no, where is my… ” *fill the blank*. 

Oh come on, do not judge me! I cannot be the only one to be a (very) last-minute packer, right?  Let’s state it once and for all, I have never been able to pack in advance and won’t probably ever be able to do so (sorry mom! You tried hard!). 

Every time, it starts well though. I am very motivated to pack a few days before flying. I start piling stuff in a corner like many great bloggers advise us to do but I somehow fail and always end up postponing it until, well, I cannot postpone it anymore. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. (Sorry again mom!). 

It might sound adventurous and ‘adrenalitic‘ and well… Yes ok it is! (Sorry haters I love late packing. There it is. It is out. I. LOVE. LATE. PACKING). I even ended up having some funny and random anecdotes:

  1. The time I forgot to pack undies… This might seem impossible but believe me it is quite easy. On the plus side, I got to go night shopping in New York. Could have been worse! You could have been in Chile in the middle of nowhere and get all your undies stolen. Not that easy to replace ‘pronto’. Trust me… 
  2. The time I realized (very) late at night that the stuff I had planned to pack would never fit in my backpack… Luckily a good friend of mine unilaterally decided to pack for me and showed me the real meaning of ‘light packing’. Dear fellow travelers, this isn’t an urban legend! Light packing exists! 
  3. The time I left my house in a rush (yes on top of being a last-minute packer, I am a rusher. What can I say?). I rushed to the bus. I rushed to the train station. It sounds good, right? Well it was all good until I came to realize that I did not have my passport (really?!)… It was nicely waiting for me on my desk at home… 

I guess those might have been wake up calls (so many chances) if I would have missed a flight or had issues. Instead these minor (major?) packing fails made me a better late packer. I will for sure forget again some other ‘stuff’ but what’s meant to be is meant to be! So who cares if I forget a toothbrush? Some needed clothes or accessories? My sense of adventure is always packed and after all, isn’t it all what you need?

And you? Are you rather organized and committed to early packing? 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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