Tuesday yumminess!

Winter, this year, has invited himself way too early to my liking (see my open letter to winter) so I have decided to share this week a lovely recipe that always makes me feel great when it is grey and cold. Lucky you, you are thinking, right?

If you have an hour, why not prepare a delicious pork roast with some roasted sweet potatoes? It is ideal to prepare after work because it requires  almost no preparation.

The roast needs to be cooked 45 to 60 min at  180° C – in our house, we like it when it is still a bit pink. Sweet potatoes should be cut in cubes, “massaged” with coconut fat, seasoned with salt / pepper and roasted around 45 minutes .

We especially love our roast from our Swiss butcher because he always wraps it with bacon strips. The smell in the house while cooking is simply divine. Put your feet up, open a great bottle of red wine and just wait until your roast and sweet potatoes are ready!

An hour later, voila! Enjoy!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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