Bad day? 

Either at home or traveling, we all have those once in a while –  though we can all agree that while traveling those days can feel a tad more intense! Nevertheless it is NORMAL, unless you are a robot or a mutant. Then nothing will ever bother you and you can ignore my post as you wouldn’t understand how one can have a bad day!

Ps. If you are a robot or a mutant, you really have to stop reading my blog and go away – yeah you I already caught reading my ‘My top 5 traveling fails…’ in October. 

Anyway… Where was I?! Ah yeah! Those (in)famous bad days. You know those days  when you get up and realize you should have stayed in bed? Those days when everything looks doomed? Those days when no matter what nothing goes according to plan?

Well let’s start with a good news… It is JUST. A. BAD. DAY, not a bad life! Just in case though, here are my top # 5 ‘save the day’ tricks:

1) Go for a run. Backpacking does not mean that you cannot go for a run. If your surroundings are unsafe to do it on your own, drag one or two (or three) of your tripmates along.

2) Take 10 minutes to meditate, close your eyes, breathe in and out. Sometimes you only need to slow down to realize things ain’t that bad. You could of course meditate longer but I am unable to do it for longer so do it as long as you feel comfortable.

3) Say. Out. Loud. What. Bothers. You! Somehow it won’t sound half as bad as you thought.

4) If you are backpacking and cannot isolate yourself, put your headset and blow your ears off with a powerful playlist. Tip: prepare one in advance for those (in)famous days! Day savior!

5) Find a cold root beer (my guilty pleasure!) and enjoy!

  Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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