TBT # Carabao island, Philippines 

This cold and miserable weather is calling for a hot #ThrowBackThursday, don’t you think?! Two years ago I discovered a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean and for 48 hours, I felt like I had reached heaven. I didn’t know what to expect when I booked this Asian getaway and Carabao island did a great job impressing me. 

It is a real pleasure for me to take you this week to Carabao Island, Philippines. 

About Carabao Island:

  • Politically known as the town of San Jose, Philippines
  • Part of the Romblon province
  • Is composed of 5 districts (barangays)
  • Located an hour away from Boracay Island

Carabao’s island random and funny facts:

  • The island is only reachable by boat
  • It is the southernmost island
  • Primary source of livelihood: fishing
  • Carabao is also a swam-type domestic water buffalo, considered as the national animal of the Philippines

If you have only 48 hours on Carabao Island, have fun:

  • Listening to the sounds of the waves, sitting on a deserted beach
  • Reading and chilling in the sun
  • Exploring the unspoiled island on a quad or a motorbike (quite an adventure on their very basic roads) 
  • Enjoying the sunrise and the sunset very the ocean, breathtaking! 
  • Fishing on a rustic boat

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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