Strayan or the art of reinventing a “lingo”…

Crikey! Straya is around the corner and I’m getting heaps excited. I cannot wait to see my mates. It is gonna be bonza to hang out with my favorite galahs as they are ripper! Strewth! Not long now until we spent arvos laughing, having barbies with a few snags and drink stubbies! I have packed my cozzies and I am ready for a grouse time down under! Howzat?

You have no clue what I have just said?! Figured much! But with Straya coming up soon, it is time to learn some basics words to impress my lovely Aussies.

I like the Australian English very much (what to say! It is terribly sexy!) but it is not easy to understand so I have put together a vocabulary survival kit! It will be much needed for our adventures over there and I hope it can help you too!

For more words, check the fair dinkum Aussie dictionary published by! It is very interesting and helpful! Good luck, mate and hooray (goodbye!).

30 days to go and counting!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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