Are you INSANE?! 

Short answer? Yes! No! Maybe? Dunno! What was again the question? On a more serious note, people, I’m FINE, sane enough to know what I am doing (well most of the time). Really… 

Since the day I went public with my big news (I was going for a dramatic effect and I can happily say that I was not disappointed), a tsunami of reactions has happened. 

Without any surprise (I do have cool, open-minded and adventurous friends after all), 99% of the reactions were extremely positive but I was surprised by the fact that a few people believe that they have a (non-supportive and non-constructive) say in the way I am living my life.

Since you are surely dying to know the reactions I have encountered so far, here is my top 5: 

1) OMG, this is freaking awesome, I am so happy for you…

… Luckily, most of you are excited for me (“you go girl”, “lush” or “great news!”) and trust that I have been doing some research before I resigned (now… Who is insane?! Me for quitting or you for trusting me?!). This is definitely my favorite reaction! Thanks friends and family for supporting me. It means a lot. 

2) Really? Why? Aren’t you too old? 

This is also of my favorite ones because it made me laugh as if life is over at (not quite) 33. Age is a number they say and until recently I didn’t believe it but I know they are right (don’t quote me when I turn 40 and freak out!). Happiness is not defined in only one way. It took me time to understand this but thanks to some wise and caring friends I got it now. Following my heart simply feels amazing! 

3) But you are going to be… (lowering the voice)… unemployed. How will you survive? 

This is a good question. Wait… Are you offering to financially support me? To sponsor my trip? No?! So this is relevant to you because…? Seriously though, I have been planing this trip for a long time (at least for 1 week! Duh) and I have got a bulletproof master plan: kill my rich Swiss boyfriend to rob him of his golden bars he (obviously) carries around. I should have a brighter future even as an (lowering my voice to say my shameful status) unemployed (almost feels like I’m swearing like a trucker) traveler. In case somebody missed this, this is a joke. I obviously would not steal his ingots (hello?! I don’t have a camel to carry them around. Remember, backpack should weigh max 9 kg!). I just need to make sure I got his credit card pin code before I carry out my plan… Before you feel the need to alert Interpol to save M, this is a joke. Maybe a bad one but my way to tell you to mind your own business unless you are willing to give me some money. Otherwise back off and be happy for me! 

 4) You are so…

… Lucky… Luck?! Really? What don’t we talk for once about the hard work, sacrifices, patience and courage behind this project?! Just for a change and if you are going to use the “L” word with me, remember that “the harder I work the more I have of it” to quote my buddy Thomas Jefferson. 

And last but not least!

5) Oh woooo, I wish I could…

… No, please. Wishing is. Not. Healthy. Don’t go that way. I am not special. Before me, hundred thousands (not to say millions) of driven travelers quit a 9 to 5 job and pack (lightly) their belongings to travel the world. It can be done. Stop wishing and start listening to your heart. Follow your inspiration or you will end up bitter to a point you are unable to be happy for your friend.

I was told recently that I looked “lighter” since I shared my decision with the all entire world and in a sense I am. My soul, heart and brain seem to finally be in harmony. 127 days to go until A & M hit the road. Yeah! 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem! 


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