As a citizen of the world, my heart is today, once again, aching. Every time it has almost* healed and some faith in humanity has been restored, news report another attack against peace, life and freedom. 

* as long as wars will rage and lives of innocents will be taken, it won’t ever heal completely. 

My heart hurts from so much intolerance.
My heart hurts from so much violence.
My heart hurts from death and desolation. 
All this caused by men in the name of religion. 

Don’t get me wrong, this post is not a diatribe against religion, (in)humanity nor intolerance and I have no intend to come up with miraculous ideas on how we can repair a world that seems to be beyond repair (but isn’t!). 

No, this post is about a wonderful day in the mountains because I cannot and will not let terrorists take a perfect fall day away from me. The world CAN be beautiful. The world CAN feel safe. The world CAN be a better place. 

Even though my friends and family’s lives were spared last night in Paris, I am grieving… Grieving for humanity (or actually maybe grieving for the lack of humanity) and I have decided to do so by being happy and free. It seems that for me there is no better place at the moment than a beautiful Swiss mountain to celebrate life and hope. 

Today we hiked to Buochserhorn (1807 meters above sea level) from Niederrickenbach. We headed to Dallenwil (only a short car ride from Luzern) and parked at the cable car station Maria Rickenbach. The 3-hour (ish) trail to Buochserhorn was pretty easy with just a few steep parts and the view up there was very rewarding! Great way to feel alive and hopeful. 

Vive la liberté, l’amour and l’espoir… 









Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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  1. Your last post is perfect for me
    Your words describe what I feel
    Thank you


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