“Fall” me, please! 

Yes, I’ll give you this: this summer in Switzerland was amazing, incredible, fantastic, unexpectedly hot (I could go on and on with such adjectives as summer was indeed the best one I had in years) but guys, even if it is hard, We. Need. To. Let. Go. 

Yes, really… We live in a country with four seasons (not 2, not 3 but 4) so take a deep breathe and repeat after me: goodbye summer and welcome fall, nice to see you again! 

This season is the perfect time to take beautiful pictures (where you almost need no filter!) and to go on long walks in the wood or in the city without being too cold (when your fingers are about to fall off) nor too hot (you can barely breathe while hiking because all your energy is used to cool you off). 

I particularly love the flamboyant colors surrounding me, the smell coming from the trees and the peaceful feeling the fog gives me in the morning or after work (Though I almost expect to see Jack the Ripper, walking away from his latest victim to disappear in the thick fog #FreakyImagination). 

At some point, I’ll surely be ready to welcome snow and winter since this means more time up in the mountains snowshoeing – ‘spoiler alert’ though (!!!) we should be facing the harshest winter in more than 100 years (unless of course the meteorologists are fans of Game of thrones and took the winter warning way too literally. What? You never know!) but we still have some time left, so let’s make the most out of our fall. 

Have a lot of fun running through leaves a poor soul carefully raked, taking pictures and if you find yourself wandering in Luzern one foggy afternoon and fancy a cup of hot cocoa, swing by Dolce Amore, their hot chocolate is to die for! 

Ps. Special thanks “Science made simple” for explaining me why leaves change color when fall has arrived. Very interesting read (God I’m spending too much time with my best friend. She has given me this virus called ‘researching’). 

      Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!





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