Phew! And… We are done…

… until next year! I again survived another zombie attack, a tsunami of oversexy nurses and an invasion of vicious wizards. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in… 

I decided a few years ago that I was over celebrating Halloween. Yes, Halloween, you heard me. We. Are. Over! It is not you, it is me. I am not ready for that kind of commitment and so on… You know the drill… I put this dreaded 31st in a ‘no celebration please’ box together with this irritating Valentine’s Day and lived happily ever after – Ha right! As if it is so easy to break up with Halloween. 

I didn’t really want to break up with Halloween as I didn’t have anything against Halloween per se but I realized that I could not handle two freak shows per year. In an effort of integration (Ich bin ein Luzerner – Kennedy would be proud of me, wouldn’t he?!), I had to make a choice and decided to be exclusive to Fasnacht*. This insanity takes a lot of your energy and patience and Halloween simply had to go. 

* An intense carnival week when Luzerner let their hair down. You better be ready for this madness or leave town like many expats do. 

Don’t get me wrong, I do relapse once in a while. Last year for instance, I semi-enjoyed (Oh! Shame on me!) the Halloween parade while I was in New York City but let’s face it 1) it was NYC (everything is different there anyway) 2) costumes were incredible 3) The atmosphere was contagious. Ok, we didn’t exactly join in and we didn’t stay very long but I preferred to come completely clean (after all in French we say ‘confession of a fault, is half amended‘). 

However I must remain strong and I will decline every single invite to Halloween parties (so thanks but no thanks), I will not shower kids with candies (But if they dare to ring my bell I would happily give them a scare!) and I will not become (any longer) a witch, a vampire or a sexy cop for a night (unless my boyfriend wants me to but this is probably a different topic haha). 

What about you, is this night also crazy in your country and do you know what you actually celebrate? 

Did you know that (apart for the fact that this is a commercial ‘crap’) this event is not an American ‘invention’ and by celebrating Halloween you actually turn into a pagan for one night? 

It is indeed thought to be originated from the Celtic festival of Samhain when spirits / ghosts are for one night roaming among us. Masks are then supposed to ward them off – I ain’t a spirit but I sure stay away and hide when masks come up! 

Halloween… Thanks for your (thank god) quick visit, goodbye and see you next year (not)! 

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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