My top 5 traveling fails…

… Shit happens and not only to others (unfortunately). No matter how experienced you are, there are (will be) days when your mind is (will be) preoccupied unless you are a robot or a mutant. Then nothing will ever slip your mind and you can ignore my post as you wouldn’t understand how one can be so silly!

Otherwise here are my top 5 traveling fails!

1) Have you ever forgotten your e-reader on a train – the same e-reader that was your savior and best friend on very long bus journeys when your seat neighbor only spoke Bolivian or Thai!!? I did! 

This is my latest fail that happened… last night! I almost fainted when I realized that Paulo Coelho had decided to go his way. Luckily (or was it my karma?!), my connecting train crew contacted my previous train crew and organized my e-book to wait for me at the lost and found in Strasbourg. Even though I haven’t worked out the details of how I would actually get a hold of my e-reader, I know that I’ll be able to finish ‘Adultery’ from Paulo Coelho!

2) Have you ever asked to see the Menara Tower in Kuala Lumpur? I did!

To realize after a while that I had been asking our cab driver to drive us to the tower tower, Menara meaning tower in Malay. He kept shaking his head in disbelief! So much for thinking that I am a great linguist (being a wanna be lexiphil does not seem to protect you from faux pas!) #FunnyFail

3) Have you ever booked a plane ticket under a mispelled name? I did!

Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find my flight ticket to check-in online. An extra fee fixed my problem – this is most probably one of the dumbest waste of money. I wonder if ‘spell your name for dummies‘ has been published yet #EpicFail

4) Have you ever withdrawn US$ 500 in a airport in a hurry, forgetting to check if you received the correct amount to realize later on that you were short of US$ 100? I did! 

And let me tell you this, when you are about to start a world tour, this is a real bumper. Never sobbed so much in an airport #HowToKillABudget

5) Have you ever lost a phone or two while traveling? I did!

It happened to me four times already (don’t ask me how…). The third time tho my phone was miraculously waiting for me at a ranger station in a National park in Italy. The downside of this happy ending story is that the ranger had had time to call my mom to let her know that I had lost my phone. She was not impressed but neither was she surprised. It has been 6 years and mom is still talking about this time when she received a call from an Italian ranger… #MomsNeverForget

This might not be what a seasoned traveler should share but all those incidents have made me a better traveler (can’t you tell? Haha) and I have come to accept that such fails are bound to happen to me. I’m too hasty, too often running late and I am a dreamer. This acceptance somehow makes my traveling fails more bearable!

What are your biggest traveling fails?

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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  1. I have been through some of those like forgetting my backpack in a train in Milan, when traveling to Venice. I left the station, and have way through the escalator my friend asked ¿where is your backpack? I’ve never runned that fast!! I got the backpack from the cleaning man, he was holding it when I arrived to the train, but that was not all…
    When I arrived to Venice, aqua alta was everywhere, my shoes got wet, and my surprise came when I realized my spare shoes had “dissapeared” somewhere between home and Venice. Not fun going around in such a beautiful city with wet shoes!


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