Ode to a lifelong friendship

To all those amazing people in my life I am happily lucky to call friends. Wherever you are in the world, I am grateful to have met you and this is for you:

We can spend weeks apart
But with a catch up or a magic phone call
Our fun times together can restart
Where we left them, that says it all

We can spend months apart
But I often think about you
And the joy to see, read or hear you
Always deeply fills my heart 

We can spend years apart
But can still read each other’s mind(s)
The way to each other’s heart is easy to find
Because love is pretty smart 

Weeks, months, years don’t matter
When it comes to us,
Time and distance don’t bother us
As our friendship simply grows stronger 

Thank you, old friend
For letting me call you a brother or a sister
We might not be blood related
But I love you to the moon and farther
Nowadays BFF might be a trend
But our friendship cannot be outdated 

This is a promise to you, to us,
To many more years of laughing and crying together
Nothing will ever break nor stop us
We’ll be friends through tears and laughs forever 

 Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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