Tuesday yumminess! 

Because I love eating and discovered many great paleo (what on earth is this Paleo thing?!) recipes the past fews years, I have decided to share one recipe per week with you guys (lucky you!).

It is fantastic to have all those talented paleo friendly chefs who have come up with fabulicious meals. They gave me hopes: you can have exciting breakkies / snacks / lunch / dinners, yet super healthy! Hooray!

Please let me introduce you to the spicy meatballs (in my case more likely to be called meatsquares after being cooked!) with zoodles! Thanks to #PaleoLeap for a great lunch idea!

  For the zoodles (zucchini noodles), you need one big zucchini – it can usually serve two people. You can use a vegetable peeler, a spiralizer or a julienne slicer to give your zucchini a spaghetti shape.
The new shaped zucchini can be either eaten raw or slightly cooked (place the zoodles in the boiling water and cook briefly. I usually blanch them).

Easy peasy and as they say in Switzerland: en guete!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

Culinary discovery

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