Straya, say whaaat?!


I seriously cannot believe that Australia is around the corner! We have been waiting for so long… A bunch of us have started talking about us paying a visit to Paddy last year while catching up in New York. It became pretty clear that we had to check his country out.

Funny enough, Australia had never appealed to me before meeting sweet Australians like Paddy and Adam. I bumped into a few rude ones in Africa and I wasn’t too impressed. Luckily Paddy and Adam and some other cool travelers helped me to get over my negative experience.

Paddy did a great job advertising Australia (except for the fact he keeps mentioning their numerous deadly animals. Really dude?!) and fellow travelers kept telling me how I would love this country.

I had no choice really (I am clearly a victim of circumstances here), I had to book a flight to Adelaide to make up my own mind about this fabulous country so many people blab out!

Time flies and I couldn’t be happier because in 60 days:

1) My sister, Marion, will have proudly used her brand new (and first) passport and will have been on her very first long haul flight. Boom!

2) Marion and I will be on our first backpacking adventure together. She has never been abroad (Switzerland doesn’t count really!). The unknown will be challenging but she is a strong cookie and I couldn’t be prouder of her.

3) I will be reunited and wine tasting with some dear friends from Canada, US, Australia, Switzerland and France!

4) I will get to hug a special someone – lucky me!

5) I will have left the cold winter behind to roast under the Australian sun! Don’t mind me if I do!

Our ambitious plan is to discover Adelaide and its surroundings, Melbourne, Tassie, Byron Bay, Cairns & Nothern Territory as we fly out from Darwin. Many miles to cover (this seems to be my traveling style: see a lot in a limited time!) but some domestic flights should save us some time. Exciting!

Have you ever been to Straya? What’s your favorite memory / place?

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!





One response to “Straya, say whaaat?!”

  1. Wiebke Hinz Avatar

    Great to see you writing again, Audrey! I am more than a little jealous of your trip down under. I’ve been to all the places you mentioned on your itinerary, but Tassie is the place I visited most recently. Therefore here are a few suggestions for things not to miss there: a daytrip to South Bruny Island from Hobart for a cruise to see some amazing wildlife and coastal scenery (, Wineglass Bay (I recommend doing the loop walk which includes Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach), Bay of Fires and Cradle Mountain (for walking in Cradle Mountain NP bring cold weather clothes though – it started snowing while I was out there walking in December!). Tassie is comparatively small and very easy to get around by car. I absolutely loved it and I’m sure you will love it, too.


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