One of those days…

… when you wake up and you have the feeling that today you are meant to achieve great things.

Well, yesterday I had this feeling and I was given the perfect opportunity: a lasertag game.

A few of us had decided to go to the Lasertag arena in Emmen. This is a pretty straightforward concept: two teams (pink vs blue) face each other in a dark arena wearing sensors. The players need to get as many points as possible by shooting players from the other team, dodging “bullets”. You can see it as a soft version of paintball with no pain (but gain) and no color bullet.

The first round was pretty average (no clue what we were doing and two evil teenagers kept shooting at us) and after a quick break, I was highly motivated to go back to the arena and kick some butts for a second round. I knew what to do not to be shot (of course I didn’t hide! This might have crossed my mind but instead I bravely ran around with the words “easy targets” on my forehead). My friend and I had also a very clear strategy, we would have each other’s back and shoot the players from the pink team… This was our bulletproof plan, so we thought… A lot of ducking, screaming “Ahhhhh behind you! Too late, sorry!” and running around were involved.

I would have never thought that lasertag could make you sweat that much. Somehow I always thought that this game was a hobby for geeks (I am sure that Sheldon would agree).

Round 2 was crazy, it seemed that a beast was on the loose in the arena, everybody running around, chasing players from the other team but… I made it! I. Broke. A. Record… Yes, you read this well… I broke a new record: with a shooting accuracy of 5%, I succeeded in getting shot more than I actually shot anything / anyone which brought me to a flabbergasting score of – 375.

Most of you (me included) probably didn’t know that it was actually possible to get negative scores and with a long sigh, I had to admit that I sucked at lasertag.  But even with an embarrassing score, it was lot of fun and after all, a record is a record! You surely expected an impressive one (sorry!) but I would like to quote one of my compatriots, Coubertin, when he said “The important thing (…) is not to win, but to take part; the important thing in life is not triumph, but the struggle; the essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well”.

Give it a try and let’s see if you can beat me at being terrible.

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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