Pleased to meet you Hamlet, how art thou doing?

Good den, my lord!

Let’s start with a shocking confession first… I, erm, well, had kinda (trying to go over my shame) heard of Hamlet (This is a start) BUT I had never opened this book. Sorry Willy! I therefore had no clue what the story was about ‘EYES ROLLING’ You are judging me at that exact moment, aren’t you? Who can blame you…

On a positive note, what do you do when you are unfortunately not as cultivated as you thought? You get a crash course: tragedy where Hamlet, prince of Denmark, realized that his dad was poisoned by his uncle, Claudius, who was trying to get in his mother’s pants…

Wait a minute I thought. I knew this story after all! Murder, treason and incestuous relationships… Were we about to watch the original version of game of thrones? No? Hmm ok… Then Game of thrones was a spinoff, right?! How did I dare compare Hamlet to GOT? Shame on me! We can at least agree that GRRM has a Shakespearian “je ne sais quoi”, oui?

Joking aside, this 2015 version, directed by Lindsey Turner and starring  Benedict Cumberbatch, allowed me to enter once again William Shakespeare’s dark universe and I was highly impressed by the (in)temporality of this play. It was written 400 years ago but with the actors’ energy and the talented direction it could have been written just recently and there was never a dull moment.

Hamlet’s sorrow and despair could be felt in the air! I even felt sorry for his mom, lost and confused, her heart torn between men. To be a wife or a mother. To be or not to be!  Mr Cumberbatch made us feel sorry and sad and even made us laugh (with an excellent use of the so famous English black humour). I loved him in “the imitation game” but last night, his performance blew my mind, leaving me full of admiration and longing for more of Mr Cumberbatch.

I was personally overwhelmed and touched by Ophelia’s sweetness and insanity (played by an exceptional Sian Brooke). It was heartbreaking to see Ophelia lose her mind throughout the play and it made me feel like a voyeur, a powerless spectator who could only accompany this beautiful soul to a certain death.

Big thank you to the Swiss museum of transport for a wonderful theatrical evening and to the team of Living in Lucerne for bringing / supporting / advertising cultural events in Luzern. Broadcasts live from the National Theater in London are a brilliant idea and I am already looking forward to the next one on December 8th. You can check the program here.

Ps: Don’t miss the Lucerne World Theater Company’s Christmas play on November 28th & 29th: The Snow Queen. Details here!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

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