Day has arrived!

It is time for me to leave winter behind to enjoy some well deserved warmth…

The Philippines as a first stop: Carabao & Boracay islands. Both are located south of Manila and were barely affected by the the typhoon Haiyan and I’m looking forward to relaxing on a white sand beach, sipping cocktails.

Haven’t decided yet if I will go snorkeling, it is supposed to be nice so why not…

Really hope pictures are not lying. They made me dream over the past few months and I could do with palm trees, staring at the horizon while the sun goes down *sigh* *big smile*

Looking forward to discovering a new country and hear a new language. Apparently the Philippines have over 150 Filipino dialects and 12 official ones.

I tried to gather a few words in Tagalog, which should is supposed to be spoken by most of the Philippines inhabitants, either as a mother tongue or as a second language.

I am hoping not to be completely lost upon arrival:

Mabuhay: hello!
Kumusta: how are you?
Gutomako: I’m Hungry (to avoid any diplomatic incidents since hunger and I are not quite compatible)
Paalam: goodbye…

I couldn’t find how to say thanks but I am not surprised. It is not the first time I’m facing this lack. When I prepared my different trips, I did find out that some languages don’t quite have a word for ‘thank you’.

Well let’s go with the flow!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!







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