Embarrassed or flattered?

I was invited on Sunday to go with some friends to a ‘made in Switzerland’ Oktoberfest in Winterthur.

Since I still hadn’t made it to the proper one, I decided to join them. It was made clear to me that I couldn’t be part of it without wearing a traditional dirndl…

(traditional in Germany – my Swiss friends made sure I knew that there was a big difference between Heidi’s costume and a dirndl, good to know to avoid a faux-pas)

… So I finally had a reason to take the dirndl I had bought years ago, had worn twice and stored in my basement, out!

This dirndl has a great way to make me feel very feminine. Nature did a great job and supplied me with two charming assets that I rarely put out there.

Being looking at usually makes me feel uncomfortable but on Sunday, my ego was happy…

‘I feel pretty
Oh so pretty
I feel pretty and witty and bright’
(Borrowed from Westside Story)

… Until THE incident! Which one you are wondering? Let me tell you about it…

I had been dancing for hours on tunes I would have never thought I would ever be dancing on (check Sarah Jane on YouTube) and I was drinking a well deserved ‘mass’ (1 liter of beer) when a man approached me.

All happy and smiling, I greeted him with a ‘grüezi’ (hello in Swiss German) waiting for him to start a conversation.

Instead he took his camera out. Great, I looked THAT lovely, I was now a semi-celebrity (at the time I might have exaggerated the importance of my own person but who can blame me – being followed by a ‘paparazzo’ can give you a sudden feeling of arrogance!)

Imagine my shock when I realized this old perv’ was actually zooming on my rack How on earth could he think it was acceptable?? In which world, men come up to women and quickly take a shot of their boobs?!!

My disappointed ‘but I thought I was a pretty girl’ face must have shown him my disapproval because he apologized and left. I stayed there, flabbergasted by what had just happened to me!

When my friends came back from their social duties (nicely put for a WC tour…) I immediately told them what I encountered while they were gone…

They started to laugh and answered ‘Ja und…?’ (Yes, and…) what do you mean with ‘yes and’?! This was clearly a case of boobsrape, wasn’t it?!

They were now laughing even harder at me who was pretending to find this outrageous.

But they did see through me… Do I dare saying out loud that I actually felt a tiny bit proud of my two assets?!

Oops, I’m sure some feminists would damn me for such thoughts but I guess I felt more flattered than I was truly embarrassed…

So when another man zoomed on my boobs I smiled and laughed without pretending to be offended.

‘Zum wohl mitenand’ (Cheers everybody)

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!



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