The most expensive rubbish in the world!

I can only think of another place on the world where this would be acceptable: Singapore.

I’m glad Zug Stadt (city) is finally reacting towards our uncivilized manners.


When I moved to Switzerland almost 6 years ago, I was led to believe that my adopting country was a clean paradise.

An urban legend it was, nobody ever got fined for spitting nor throwing paper on the floor and even though we are still far from France’s dirtiness, it can be very overwhelming and irritating.

That is why it was time to take measures… Switzerland has been dirtier and dirtier over the years. People’s laziness has been incredible: some of them would stand 5 meters from a public trash but would throw their rubbish on the floor…

Could it be a sign of coolness? Rebellion?

Whatever the reason(s) – you could be a cool rebel, it seems that trying to put some rubbish in a trash is beyond our education.

It is pretty sad that there is only one way for people to act on a decent manner: fear of being caught and have to pay a significant amount of money…

Hopefully Luzern will follow and apply those measures, we want our ‘clean Luzern’ back!

Now where did I let this bloody sweet wrapper fall?!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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