Rumor has it…

That people either love or hate rumors…


Rumor, gossip, blabbermouth, however we want to call it, they are part of our delusive wealthy society and one thing is sure, we cannot avoid them.

What else would we do anyway with our spare time?!? Oh yeah! Right! Mind our own business!

Anyway recently I was accused to have started a rumor… two years ago. Yep apparently my desperate self wasn’t busy enough with sport, firefighting, working, traveling and writing, I had to ruin somebody else’s reputation…

At first I thought she was joking. But given her answer to my ‘you must be kidding?!’ I had to accept that she, let’s call her Ms. R. for the purpose of this article, was serious.

So with a clear conscience, I got back to ms. R., who funny enough, refused the idea of an opened discussion and to tell me who told her I that I told that… (Yes a lot of ‘tell’) **

Ms. R. mentioned a friend of mine and I decided to investigate… I must have been a cop in a previous life because I never miss a chance to solve a mystery.

So I went down memory lane…

My key witness was ms. D. She was surprised to be interviewed about an episode that happened so long ago but she remembered the evening that got people gossiping very well.

Ms. D. was quite shocked: yes there was a discussion based on the rumor she had been told about but I had nothing to do with it. Yes, this I knew it but who then?!

I was disappointed, I was hoping for a name. I have had some wild (that are surely pretty accurate) guesses but no official confirmation. So much for being a detective…

I also couldn’t stop myself to wonder why Ms. R. came to me two years later to accuse me when we had limited contact?!

I could come up to only one conclusion: her behavior had put her in an uncomfortable position and she needed somebody to blame…

Do we have to blame our own behavior that starts rumors?!

Can we seriously be mad at people for interpreting our acts?!

It seems that people are unable to take responsibly for their actions.

A few rumors are going on about me, heard some of them but it doesn’t upset me. I know, for instance, that people have assumed that I have been sleeping with my male friend since people kept seeing us leave parties together.

But who cares?! 1) if I didn’t want people
to speculate I would make sure not to leave a party with a man and 2) My boyfriend knows there is no worry and our relationship is based on trust…

That’s why I still cannot get Ms. R.’s point. Why has the rumor been hurting her over the years?! I guess there will be no answer to this one unless ms. R. decides to be completely honest with me.

My second witness actually brought me a very interesting fact: yes she heard that story and people have been talking but my witness heard that story from Ms. R. herself… And according to the same witness, people are only talking because Ms. R.’s behavior calls for gossip.

I was glad I could prove that I didn’t originate this rumor but it makes me sad that people through unhappiness and childishness are hurting people who actually mind their own business…

Irony of the situation? Ms. R. started a rumor herself with telling around that I started a rumor. A typical case of ‘do what I say’ not ‘what I do’, isn’t it?!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!

** note of the writer: what the rumor is about is not important and will not be disclosed.


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