Yes this is friendship!

They say you don’t chose your family, but you certainly can select your friends.

Getting the right entourage can be tricky. One guideline? Be picky!

For me friendship is like love but even more important and you should never settle for less than what you deserve!

Signs of a true friend?

1) They prepare you a homemade soup made with love when it is cold and you need it!


2) They bake you fabulicious cupcakes because you are worth it…


3) They know when to send you silly pics even though you are over 30!


4) They wait for you at the finish line even though it is – 5• c and windy!!


When you are lucky to find those friends, make sure to treat them with respect, the same way you would like to be treated.
I’m grateful to have those amazing people in my life and I’m looking forward to thanking life and friendship during our Thanksgiving celebration!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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