Rump steak & mashed sweet potatoes with pomegranate, coco milk & lime

Cooking for friends after a long day at work is priceless.
For me, it was always a dilemma between a fine dinner and a light dinner.

For years I thought it was not possible to cook light and fine, I was clearly wrong.

I discovered Paleo lifestyle a few months ago and even though I don’t agree with everything people advocate to implement this diet in your life but I found fabulicious recipes that combined lightness and fitness.

Between controversy and paradox, Paleo lifestyle failed to get me as a fervent ‘Paleoist’ once I read I couldn’t drink milk, eat fondue, have some lasagna nor a cheeseburger with bun…

For me, it was then a no go and instead of seeing Paleo as a new lifestyle, I decided to consider it as an inspiring source of healthy recipes.

Last night I decided to cook some rump steaks – really easy! You need a very hot pan with a bit of olive oil where you can put your rump steak.

I love it rare and it is important to get the outside brown (the 6 sides should be evenly cooked).

One tip my friend gave me.
If you like your meat medium rare: touch your cheek with your thumb, press gently.

Then repeat this onto your rump steak and if the tenderness of it is similar to your cheek, you just got yourself a medium rare well cooked piece of meat!

As a side dish, I prepared some mashed sweet potatoes. Let them boil until they soften (or 45 min in an oven). Then mash them, adding coconut milk, a bit of coriander and voila!

Served with a slice of lime, light and fine 🙂 Enjoy!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


Culinary discovery

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