Snow in September is not acceptable!!

This morning Luzern’s lovely mount, Pilatus, has received the visit of an unexpected visitor: snow…

Really? I mean really?!
It had to be now?

I believe somebody up there didn’t quite get the meaning of fall (nor autumn ha!)

Yes, 2013 has been a bizarre and unusual year in Switzerland: a long & tough winter, no spring, late summer and early winter.

Oh come on! Who am in kidding?! This was a typical Swiss understanding of the four seasons…

However we barely had time to stock up on vitamin D for this winter and I did wonder this morning in the elevator how I would survive a 7-month winter!

I might have expressed my doubts out loud in this exact elevator to a coworker because a voice arrogantly told me ‘what a positive attitude!’.

Turned around to discover a horrifying unnaturally tanned woman – how on earth can she even walk after spending so much time on a sun bed?!

I found it quite offensive and hypocritical of this creature to criticize my position so early in the morning (I still believe 9 am is relatively early!).

Especially when she cannot accept being white and her happiness seems to depend on the doses of UV and vitamin D she can get from an artificial light!

But hey my doubts and complaints didn’t last long because this wave of cold can only mean one thing: Glühwein, cheese fondue and raclette season has officially started.


Time of snugging the blanket up to your chin on a comfy couch without feeling guilty nor lazy is also upon us!! Alleluja!

I agree this could be much worth but I’m a fervent supporter of sun and warmth so I do count the days down to my flight to South East Asia!

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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  1. Thanks for this nice and funny article…
    My imagination worked a lot with it 🙂 🙂
    Can’t wait to drink that Hot chocolate / Tea cup on the couch under that huge amount of blankets 🙂


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