Shoes or no shoes, this is the question!

Have you ever said or heard that you or your girlfriend had no shoes?!

When it is that time of the year to deep clean your closets, you do realize that you (or she) have plenty of those!

Shoes are addictive. They come in different shapes and various colors. It seems that we cannot get enough.

Shoes are for me the best anti-negativity. A tough morning at work can easily be washed away by a visit to a shoe shop.

It is not unusual for my boss to see me arrive with two or three pairs of shoes after lunch (after a very stressful morning).

Shoes calm me down, it has a therapeutic effect, did consider several times asking my health insurance to cover my shoe bills that are surely cheaper than any psychologist session!

I also asked my boss for a raise, a kind of shoe allowance since it makes my stress disappear… No positive feedback so far, wonder why!

Anyway after throwing away some of my ‘less cool’ shoes this weekend, I am ready for some more shopping…

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!



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