Goodbye summer

Ode to summer

This year you decided to play
And arrived pretty late
Your arrival was announced mid-May
But it was not accurate

Until early July we waited for you
Hoping you’d come to say ‘coucou’
Each morning checking the sky
Until you finally came by

We had so much fun
Enjoying each second
To hike, bike and run
Being happy I reckon

But we live in Switzerland
The so famous rainy land
& since all good things come to an end
You are probably ready to go my friend

It is time for you to say goodbye
Too bad you are so shy
We would love to keep you longer
Because you make us stronger

We understand you have to go
We are getting ready for winter
That bring us fondue and hot cocoa
But most important snow!

See you next year summer
Hopefully a bit earlier
Enjoy your holidays
Happy days!



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