Wanderlust is waking up

Months ago a bunch of friends decided to organize a reunion…

We all met last year in South America, travelled around together.

We enjoyed it for 3 weeks before we had to head back home to Switzerland, England, Germany, Canada and Australia.

We decided after a few months being at home that we had to meet again and this year we are about to discover South East Asia together: from Hanoi to Bangkok via Angkor Wat.

I cannot wait to post articles about our adventures along the way, not long to go now!! Exciting!


In the meantime, as a French passport holder I must organize a visa for Cambodia and Vietnam, read about the areas we will drive through and daydream about the fun we will have!

Passport formalities are quite simple but a question pops up in my head each time I apply for a visa, why is it so expensive, how can they justify $ 80?

My best visa was probably the one I got in Zambia. $ 80 and barely visible. A complete rip off!

But as long as the world has not decided to become a big united community, we will have to be granted (or not) visas.

At least there is one big asset of collecting visas: your passport looks awesome and makes you look damn adventurous!

Before joining the group I decided to go to Boracay, Philippines for a few days , relax and enjoy some well deserved sun.

Never been there either and I’m really stoked to have time to fly there.

Anybody been there and has any tips about where to stay?

Hopefully it will be as beautiful as the picture I found on google!


Wanderlust is definitely a bug many people got and I got mine years ago when I flew to live in Berlin.

With the countdown flirting with two digits only, my thirst of traveling is getting stronger and louder…

What about you? Do you love travel? Where would be your top 5 destinations?

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!


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  1. Enjoyed this post and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in Asia!

    I have been traveling through South East Asia this year and am currently living in Vietnam teaching English. It’s been great but I’m actually leaving Vietnam in a few weeks for more travels – first to China and then on to Australia. If you have a second you can check out/follow my blog here:


    Look forward to reading more posts from you!



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