One funny eggplant, one!

How to bring people to giggle easily? Don’t select perfect shaped veggies and let the magic operate.

One of my very good friends bought one of those. She pretended it was mr. Eggplant and she went back to her childhood for an instant.

My inner-child is buried deep down and I sat there trying to remember how to laugh at silly things and it worked…

This concept, launched in our supermarkets in Switzerland, of selling veggies with unexpected shapes (that would normally be considered as ‘non-sellable’) is brilliant.

It brings some happiness in people’s life and has for me an even deeper meaning: we are being reminded that our world is not perfect and it is time for us to accept that our food can be normal.

Our society has made differences and individualism a sign of weakness and we only want to be, to eat, to love and to live in a way that we are accepted.

But what does that mean to be normal? Who has the right to define it so it excludes other human beings who feel outcasts?

Yep I came a long way from a vegetable to wonder what normality is but this is the beauty of life and a free world, a small detail makes you question what you are used to.

Ar some point we might want to start questioning more important established things but today I will keep smiling thinking of the funny eggplant and wish you a beautiful Saturday.

Happy trails and remember: Carpe Diem!






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