One rainy afternoon

Outdoor is what I love the most: hiking, biking, canoeing…

But when the Swiss weather is rubbish, you have no choice but to remain indoor.

Most of the time you are working and it doesn’t really matter…
But what to do when you are requested to take some days off and it is pouring down? You end up behind your window staring and sighing.

You need to develop an indoor alter ego that keeps you busy during those long rainy days.

This is why I’m intending to start painting & learn Chinese.

Just went to the shop and asked what a beginner painter would need and I got out with brushes, a canvas and some acrylic paints.


Walked by the Bourbaki library and grabbed books to guide me in my creation phase, so exciting!

Was really determined to let the artist side of me play a bigger role in my life to avoid the ‘bad weather’ boredom.

And it was amazing. It kept me entertained for two hours: finding my style and go for it.

Rather satisfied with the result and hoping soon for another rainy day.

Now time to discover Chinese.

Happy trails & remember: Carpe Diem!







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